Equality and Diversity

Having just complete Things 5 & 6 my update is:-

• Were you surprised by anything you found? – No, having worked in HR environments previously, I think my understanding is pretty good.

• Did you discover anything new that is particularly useful to you? – Not specifically but it does highlight things.

• Has this changed how you view websites, apps, forms, and devices? Maybe a little – I passed information on to my son who has his own website suggesting he might want to look at what comes up via the Wave website.


Well that was interesting.  Took me ages to get this set up – that’s when I realise I’m maybe not as technologically savvy as I think!  Anyway it was good fun and I can see why people like using them.  However, its not something I would use a lot.  I did wonder when the different shades of emoji were introduced why this was necessary as really they are meant as fun characters so should be neutral.  I think this may cause more problems than it was ever intended to.

About Me

So, one of the additional things to be done under Thing 4 is write something “About Me”.  So here goes……  I’m a IT Project Manager currently working at Edinburgh University.  I have had the privilege of working in a range of organisations, across the UK and Ireland.  My job can be very demanding but I love it so I think I’m fortunate.  I’m almost at retiral age and in that dilemma of “do I want to stop working, do I want to work less, or do I want to keep working to be able to enjoy the lifestyle I have!”  Its a hard decision to make.  On a personal level I am married with 2 grown up children and recently became a granny for the first time (although I prefer to be nana as it doesn’t make me feel quite so old!).  I have a good social circle of friends – my oldest friend is from my first day at secondary school so we have known each other almost 50 years – and I have several hobbies including cake decorating, knitting, sewing, making cards etc in fact almost anything which is “crafty”.  Anyway that’s enough about me for now I think.  Thanks for reading.

Digital Footprint??

Well having carried out Thing 3 (which I found interesting), I googled myself and unfortunately with a name like mine there are hundreds of returns but none of them were mine!  So is that a good thing or not?  I need to think about my various social media activities (which are very few) and see whether I can improve upon my response in google.

Update on Progress

So, having done my first post, I am now updating this to detail what I hope to gain out of the 23 Things programme.  This will help me in my work as I will need to consider a blog for the project I am working on.  It will also be good on a personal level as I may consider starting one for one of my main hobbies – cake decorating!

I think that the University’s Social Media Guidelines for Staff and Researchers is a really useful handbook for those of us who haven’t really indulged the whole “social media” craze.

Keep watching……